14 Days / 14 Locations / 1 Journey

on Camping tour through Sweden

Photo Reportage with Video-Elements
& Social Media LiveBlog

Concept Exposee

"Travel Book" is a journey through Sweden with a Carado Camper. The main goal is to create media that can be used within the commuication and marketing channels of the carado brand.

During the 14-day-trip photographer and corporate blogger Tom Tautz produces "Reiselust" (German Word for "travel desire")  generating media for the dialogue with  target groups. Tom visits 14 striking places where the camper will be placed in front of  the unmistakeabel typical scenes for sweden.

Within this project a cooperation with the Agency "Visit Sweden" – that publishes Sweden's official website for tourism and travel information – is recommended.


Live Content / Live Blog

While the media is going to be created throughout the trip there is another dimension of media output. A kind that is not gonna be published when the journey is over rather than be broadcasted from day one. A LiveBlog on the official Facebook-Fanpage of Carado.

Tom reports directly from the road to the audience and talks about what it feels like to be on tour with an carado in an amazing country like sweden. He will relate on the little things that happen from his individual point of view and will tell the camper's life and about meetings with the swedish and camping fans along his way by chance.

The bottom line is that during the 14 days everyone can follow Toms path and be a part of the trip.


Tom Tautz – Corporate Blogger & Photographer

Tom Tautz – Corporate Blogger & Photographer

Unique authentic Moods

The Media that Tom creates is authentic, esthetically, story-tellingly, striking and surprising. He uses unconventional perspectives and got an unerring eye for catching the light in the right moment.

Next to photography the following kinds of media will be produced as well:
Video, Drone-Flights and 360°-Panoramas.

Tom Tautz Recent Work / Reportage- & Blog-Photography
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