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Tom auf Sylt

Corporate BlogTom Tautz
Tom auf Sylt

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[ Client: Sylt Marketing ]


3 years
in a row

4 weeks travel diary on Facebook


Occupation: professional vacationer.
Are you serious? Yep!

But hey, he does not chill, hangs all the time, or lazily dozes in the sand and counts shells before falling asleep. Nope!

After all, the pro vacationer had an assignment. Namely, to take over 10,000 people on his journey. On a journey over the Germans' favorite island: Sylt – far away from established paths and clichés.


How do you reach the largest possible number of people within a very short space of time, with initiating dialogues and receiving direct feedback?

Answer: with social media. The reach of just under 760,000 people, nearly 60,000 likes, over 6,000 comments and almost 2,000 shared content testifies to this.

760.000 reach

more than 6.000 comments
almost 2.000 shared content

in four weeks!

The campaign is up-to-date and informative. It’s better than any travel guide because it’s fun.
— Robert Stauber, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising
“With Tom, Sylt Marketing has found an interactive brand ambassador that could not be more suitable”
— Moritz Luft, Sylt Marketing

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